Balistix Topcoat

Balistix Topcoat

Balistix Topcoat

Basiltix Topcoat is the ultimate solution for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our topcoat services provide a range of benefits, including protection against graffiti, chemicals, and stains. Our topcoat also handles extreme temperatures without failing, protects against ablation and abrasion, and provides long-term wear resistance. With high levels of traction in wet or dry conditions, our topcoat ensures a safe walking surface. It doesn't yellow or stain from UV light and prevents microbial growth from mold, mildew, fungus, germs, viruses, or bacteria. Our topcoat also eliminates the need for buffing or waxing and works with green cleaning agents. By reducing cleaning and maintenance costs, our topcoat achieves a high-gloss finish and extends the life of the surface it's applied to. Trust Basiltix Topcoat for high-quality protection and longevity of your surfaces.

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